As the long and seemingly endless winter (especially in the Pacific Northwest) comes to a close, the pussy willow is the first glimpse of spring that we see. It is the sign of a new season of life, one that is full of rejuvenation and freshness. Its blooms are soft and friendly, detailed yet simplistic, and they represent the start of something new. 

This is the imagery behind Willow & Ink Studio and it is my goal to bring new life and creativity to sleepy ideas, making them tangible and exciting. Whether it’s celebrating the events of life or revamping the look of your company, I’m excited to usher in the spring and bring your ideas to life.


Little facts about me :

  • I am a major sucker for vintage engraved illustrations. Swoon & drool.
  • I cherish the simple moments in life. This often includes listening to some good music, sipping iced coffee, or laughing with my hilarious husband.
  • I am mildly (or perhaps extremely) obsessed with peonies.
  • I long to explore and to see new things. Ideally this would include regularly traveling the world, but finding new sights in my city works too.